Military History Team Chorna Galych is a non-profit youth organization located in Lviv, Ukraine. Chorna Galych voluntarily unites active community members and develops youth’s extensive curiosity in national history. We endorse cultural and historic sights’ preservation and restoration, renascence of ancient arts and crafts, and domestic culture revival. In addition, we generally advocate social values like humanity, righteousness, decency, dignity, honor, and popularize healthy lifestyle. Finally, we support and protect the activity and interests of our team members.

The main goals of the organization are historic and cultural heritage research and preservation. There are several aspects of it, including but not limited to:
– holding theme events dedicated to medieval culture, organizing trips and camps, managing seminars and shows;
– keeping physical readiness and popularizing historical and scenic fencing;
– manufacturing copies and models of medieval household tools and appliances, kitchenware, clothing, armor, etc.

We generally achieve our goals by doing the following:
– co-organizing “TuStan” Ukrainian medieval culture convention;
– actively participating in various historical events aimed at popularizing historic sightseeing;
– expanding and improving our team’s equipment, including historically correct models of armor, apparel, and tools;
– upbringing patriotism based on extensive and deep knowledge in history of our land.

Our goal is to see the diverse development of man.
• intellectual – the accumulation of useful experience as a universal outlook and more specific knowledge in all areas related to our activities.
• Moral – To observe and form moral norms. Relation to various life situations and cultural heritage.
• Physical – Physical development promotes mental as well as intellectual. Health is the basis of life.